Moving To London?

So you are planning to move to London soon but are panicking because all the rooms you like are all rented before you are able to see them, right? Since 2013, we have accommodated countless people from abroad, and most of them rented the room with us before arriving to London.  

Zion Flats will help you rent your favorite room from the comfort of your chair, with a virtual viewing. Our virtual viewings, via Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime, will show you that all our rooms are exactly as advertised and if you like what you see you can rent it out and have your own place when you land in London

Special Offer

When you rent a room from abroad we offer a special discount as a reward for your trust in our service and us.


Renting Without Viewing

If you wish to trust our excellent reputation and rent your future room based only on the pictures you see here, you will be rewarded. Because you trust us, you will get a 50% discount on our admin fee, This is 1/2 weeks rent

Booking A Viewing

If you are still not sure whether the rooms actually look like the photos, you can book a virtual viewing and one of our agents will conduct the viewing through Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or and app that you may choose.

Booking Your Virtual Viewing

Booking a virtual viewing with Zion Flats is really simple. 3 steps and is done! Choose the room, choose the date and time that is convenient for you and meet us online.


Go to our rooms page and choose the room you want to view.


Book the viewing for the day and time that suits you


Meet us online at the day and time booked and one of our agents will show you the room and property 

Booking Your Virtual Viewing

Booking a virtual viewing with Zion Flats is really simple. 5 steps and is done! Choose the room, choose the date and time that is convenient for you and meet us online.


Go to our rooms page and choose the room you want to view.

Click on ‘Book a viewing’ to choose the most convenient day and time for your viewing. Please let us know how you would like to do your virtual viewing (WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype) on ‘Anything to Say’.



Receive all the relevant details for your viewing via email. (address, agent details, etc.)

Send us a text 1 hour before your viewing, confirming that you are waiting for the viewing, otherwise we will not be able to show you the room.



Meet us online on the day and at the time you booked your viewing for.

I Like The Room, What’s Next?

Once the viewing is complete and you wish to rent the room we need to collect some information about you. Please fill in the form so we can send you a contract for your new room.

Once we receive the form that you have previously completed, we are going to send you a contract and the payment information.

And because we are environmentally conscious, the whole process is done online, which means no paper involved and lots of trees saved. With the latest technologies that employes great encryption methods in order to protect your data and our data as well.

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Your Questions Answered

We have prepared some of the common questions that our tenants had in the past so you can make a more informed choice

What Is Admin Fee?

Admin fee is the fee that we charge in order to process your renting application, referencing, viewing and check-in

How Much Notice Should I Give?

If you want to leave the room you have to make sure that you are not breaching the contract. We ask for 5 Saturdays notice period.

If you are a tenant, please see all the information on this page Giving Notice

What If I don't Like The House Or Flatmates?

We are sure that you will love your new flatmates as they are all amazing young working professionals.

How Much Is Admin Fee?

The admin fee is the value of one week of rent of the room that you are renting from us

Can I Swap Rooms?

We are flexible with our tenants and understand that situations sometimes change, whether is a new job or something else, we try to accommodate all request according to our availability

Are All Bills Included?

All bills are included in your rent. You don't have to worry about any unpleasant surprise at the end of the month

I would recommend Zion Flats to any young professionals looking for a room in London. The staff is extremely friendly, with any issues being resolved the same day! The location of my flat was perfect; just a short walk from two different tube lines. My room was lovely - nice layout, bright, and clean, with a lovely yellow wall which I loved! I actually think I've been sleeping better here than my own bed back home which surprised me!!! If I ever find myself living in London in the future I will definitely go back to Zion Flats 🙂

Diana Davis


I would totally recommend Zion Flats for their clean rooms and excellent service. Both Andy and Ash are very responsive and it's obvious that making you feel good in your temporary home is their most important mission. They proved to be very helpful even before I moved in - always answering my calls and texts and providing me with the exact information I had asked for. So much so, that I rented my room without even doing a viewing! I trusted the pictures on their very easy-to-use website and I found just what I had expected based on the pics. The process of securing my room was very simple and straightforward; the advance payment is made in secure conditions even if you're abroad like I was. Definitely lucky to have chosen this agency.

Adrian Hodis