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When moving to a new city it can be a bit scary because you will face a lot of unknowns. We have put together a few tips for you to make you move to your new house and new city run more smoothly. 

Free SIM Card

Why choose GiffGaff? Free SIM card, no contract, cheap international calls, unlimited internet, unlimited calls, and unlimited messages and the best par you can pick and choose your bundle in order to customize it to you.

Zion Flats and most of our tenants use this amazing service because is simple, cheap and reliable.

Order your free SIM card here and it will be waiting in your room when you arrive in London.

Bank Account

You will need a UK bank account to receive your salary, buy your groceries, pay your rent, etc. we highly recommend Metro Mank in Chiswick. If you are one of our tenants please take the contract that was provided when you rented one of our rooms, a valid passport or ID card and a letter from your employer or university.

There is no need to book an appointment, just pop in and leave the branch with your new bank account and debit card.

Oyster Card

 There is no need to book an appointment, just pop in and leave the branch with your new bank account and debit card. When it comes to getting around London, Oyster Card is the first and last word you will need to know. You can buy an Oyster Card from all tube stations around London, top it up online, at any tube stations or even at almost any convenience store. If you are a student you can apply online for a student Oyster Card and save up to 30% on your travel across the capital.

City Mapper

Downloading this free app will save you lots of time traveling around the capital! Wherever you need to go, this application will calculate all the possible routes you can take and indicate how much will cost you and even how many calories you will burn while getting there. If it’s raining it will suggest the most covered route so you get to your destination nice and dry.

This app has it all, all puclic transport in London including taxi, Uber even cycling drive or walk. CityMapper will show you everything

I would recommend Zion Flats to any young professionals looking for a room in London. The staff is extremely friendly, with any issues being resolved the same day! The location of my flat was perfect; just a short walk from two different tube lines. My room was lovely - nice layout, bright, and clean, with a lovely yellow wall which I loved! I actually think I've been sleeping better here than my own bed back home which surprised me!!! If I ever find myself living in London in the future I will definitely go back to Zion Flats 🙂

Diana Davis


I would totally recommend Zion Flats for their clean rooms and excellent service. Both Andy and Ash are very responsive and it's obvious that making you feel good in your temporary home is their most important mission. They proved to be very helpful even before I moved in - always answering my calls and texts and providing me with the exact information I had asked for. So much so, that I rented my room without even doing a viewing! I trusted the pictures on their very easy-to-use website and I found just what I had expected based on the pics. The process of securing my room was very simple and straightforward; the advance payment is made in secure conditions even if you're abroad like I was. Definitely lucky to have chosen this agency.

Adrian Hodis