About Zion Flats

Zion Flats is the simplest, most stress-free way to rent out a property in the capital. We’ll guarantee your rent, furnish your home and find professional tenants to look after it. No landlord fees, no maintenance, no dramas. Your home is in good hands with Zion Flats

Your Questions Answered

We have prepared some of the common questions that our tenants had in the past so you can make a more informed choice

What Type Of Property Do You Manage?

We manage a range of properties from studios to 6-bedroom houses, and everything in between

Are You Estate Agents?

No. Zion Flats has only one line of business, we rent properties from landlords and provide accommodation to young working professional tenants. Our service maximises your property’s value through effective, ongoing management.

Do I Get Paid Even If You Don't Have Tenants?

We’re your tenant so we pay you rent whether or not the property is occupied.

What Are Your Fees?

We charge nothing to our landlords for the service we provide. We make our money on the differential between the rent we pay you and rent we collect from tenants. We charge our tenants a slight premium for providing high-spec rooms that are inclusive of utility bills and have weekly cleaners.

What If Residents Cause Damage?

If something happens at the property that is deemed to be the fault of our tenants (e.g., a broken window) then we will cover the cost ourselves. If we believe the problem is beyond the scope of our responsibility (e.g., the boiler breaks down), we will call you and let you know the problem and propose options for solving it

How Quickly Do You Make An Offer?

We can rent your property directly from you for a fixed-term tenancy, paying you a guaranteed rent in-line, if not higher, than market rates. We value properties based on lots of different factors; location, conditions, size

What Type Of Contract Do You Offer?

We sign a fixed term commercial contract with you (usually 3-5 years) to take charge of your property, effectively becoming your tenant

How Do You Take Care Of My Property?

All bills are included in your rent. You don’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprise at the end of the month

What If Your Tenants Don't Pay You?

That does not make any difference to the rent we pay you. When a tenant pays rent late or fails to pay then that is our problem

What About Inspections?

We conduct formal inspections every six months and send photos directly to your inbox.

However, our cleaners keep us informed of the state of the property on a weekly basis and if they voice any concerns we follow up immediately. And of course London Shared’s staff carry out informal inspections every time they visit a property, whether it is for a viewing or to check a gas meter. If you wish, we can arrange for you to periodically inspect the property yourself to make sure you are happy with the way we are managing things.

Any Other Questions?

If you would like to ask any other question that you may have in regards to the renting process and contract please get in touch and our award winning team will contact you to discuss.

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