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Contact our lettings team with any questions that you may have prior renting any of our rooms

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Contact our support team if you need help with filling out your application for renting one of our rooms

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Contact our maintenance team if the house that you live in needs some fixing immediately 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Admin Fee?

Admin fee is the fee that we charge in order to process your renting application, referencing, viewing and check-in

How Much Notice Should I Give?

If you want to leave the room you have to make sure that you are not breaching the contract. We ask for 5 Saturdays notice period.

If you are a tenant, please see all the information on this page Giving Notice

What If I don't Like The House Or Flatmates?

We are sure that you will love your new flatmates as they are all amazing young working professionals.

How Much Is Admin Fee?

The admin fee is the value of one week of rent of the room that you are renting from us

Can I Swap Rooms?

We are flexible with our tenants and understand that situations sometimes change, whether is a new job or something else, we try to accommodate all request according to our availability

Are All Bills Included?

All bills are included in your rent. You don't have to worry about any unpleasant surprise at the end of the month

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